Homesick? You must be joking.

“Is it warm out there?”

“Have you got a tan?”

“How hot is it?”

Just some of the questions people have asked from home and in almost every answer I’ve used a mixture of the following words; freezing, rain, sleet, snow, wind. A guest at the hotel asked me if I was homesick last week. I responded, “absolutely not. It’s like I brought the Great British weather with me!”

Over the last 2 days we’ve had a mere months’ worth of rain fall over a period of around 30 hours. A week ago we had an ‘Antarctic Blast’ pass through. The only difference in the weather reports has been the use of Antarctic instead of Arctic. You get the point, it’s been cold and wet. That was, however, until about midday today when finally, we got to see the big yellow thing in the sky.

You sense my despair. My Instagram feed has been full of BBQ’s and rooftop bars. So it seemed important to make the most of a sunny Sunday evening. Some me time was in order. Having decided a few months ago that me and my best friend Hedd will spend the rest of our lives like the girl in How To Be Single, I thought it fitting to draw on the film for some inspiration. I wanted to go somewhere completely isolated, by myself and watch a beautiful sunset. Now granted, she spent months in the film training and planning for an adventure of a lifetime, I spent around 5 minutes asking a friend at work where was good to go to watch a sunset and used google maps to get there. We both had the same outcome, and that’s what really matters amiright?

It was also the first test of my 20 year old Subaru (or Soobarrrrrrewwww if you speak Kiwi) – would it even go above 40mph? Well, she bounced up the Port Hills to my relief, which was my intended viewing spot for the sunset. I arrived to find other humans occupying the area, a problem which Alice didn’t have in the film. So, in the distance I spotted a rock top which seemed like an amazing viewing point and more importantly, empty. I clambered up and it was perfect.

On one side, pretty little Lyttleton and its harbour. On the other, Christchurch. Connecting them both, inky-blue sea. Everything was covered in a warm orange glow, so peaceful and calming. There was a little wind, resulting in some questionable wind swept hair, but not a drop of rain in sight. Long may the dry spell continue (the rain type).

**side story – a few years ago me and my friends went to Ibiza. Its famed for its sunset on the beach and one night me and my friends watched the sun go down and went into town. We woke the next morning and about 9am stumbled upon two of our friends on the same beach from the night before, waiting for the sun to rise. Bearing in mind at this point it was broad daylight, they had forgotten the small detail that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west – and the sun had indeed risen but on the other side of the Island. I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of it earlier watching the sun go down. Charlie, if you’re reading this, please don’t ever change.

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