The Best Cure? A Dose of Vitamin Sea. 

Another Sunday brought about another great sunset, this time during recent visit to Southshore Spit in Christchurch. The sun was setting over the shore and the beach was completely empty apart from a few seagulls. Question,  do seagulls always feel the need to be fly close to you?

I somehow stumbled upon a make shift bench set up high in the dunes.



It made for the perfect spot to watch sun go down and a great viewing point to slowly watch the orange glow of the sky turn into a deep blue.

I also found a super cute shell that was placed perfectly on some driftwood. I’m hoping it was just left there by mother nature and not placed there by somebody else. For now I’ll stick with the magical story of Clammy becoming stranded on some driftwood and not able to get down to the love of his life, Shelley, as the two race against time as the tide creeps in, potentially separating them for an eternity.


I’m sure there’s a story line for a blockbuster in there somewhere.


(PS that man was kite land boarding and it’s make me really want to give it a go. Maybe next time)

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