‘Tis the Ski-son to be jolly…

As I publicised well, it was my birthday last week. Thanks for all the birthday messages. But not thanks to NZ post that failed to deliver 2 packages to me. Well 3, if you include them not delivering me a man also, but I don’t think that ever got sent in the first place. Turning 25 means you’re a quarter of the way to a century and its time to start paying attention to the anti ageing cream adverts and conduct a thorough study for when your 30th comes around and you need to start buying them.

I’ve always been big on celebrating my birthday and given that I’m a summer baby back home, its (usually) warm and sunny. So I was a little stuck on how to celebrate my birthday this year in the middle of a pretty cold winter, until I remembered the mountains and the snow. Skiing it was!

This time we headed to the closest ski field to Christchurch, Porters. I had arranged to go with Devon, but we added two guests from the hotel to the roadie who had never skied in NZ before… It’s a fairly small ski field and id been told you could ski it in a day… if you’re any good. It was a fantastic ski area and I would really recommend it. Everybody was sooo nice and they really looked after us.


God was looking down on me over my birthday because, thankfully, he gave us 2 days of glorious sunshine. In Christchurch it hit a s-w-e-l-t-e-r-i-n-g 20 degrees and on the slopes it was a toasty 3. The drive proved interesting, as we headed through very thick fog, but all of a sudden it just ended and we appeared right at the base of the mountain. Pretty spectacular.


Skiing wise it was perfect. 70 cm of snow had fallen two days before, it was quiet, it was warm, the snow was excellent. Fell great about making progress for Katie & Lee’s wedding that seems to be getting ever closer… side note I should probably book some flights home because I’m so incredibly excited. Probably more excited than them.


After lunch the wind really got up and the snow started to dance around the valley… not an exaggeration. You could see the clouds gathering on the other side of the mountains, but being held back by the Alps protruding out of the ground.


We all headed to the top of the runs, one by foot and 3 of us on skis, pretending not to see the ‘Experts Only’ warning on the final lift. There were blue runs all the way down and they were actually very easy… or I’m just really good. No they were definitely easy.


(Photo credit here to Devon – I wish I could remember the name of this bird but apparently it pecks cars)

For my birthday night I managed to round up a pretty awesome group from work and we headed into Christchurch – I’m not sure what was in the air or the water that night but we’ll just leave it at a lack of memory and sore heads the next day. Thank you guys (Devon, Alice, Kate, Will & Lisa) – it was a pretty good night for a Thursday. Thursdays are apparently the new Saturdays. And thankfully only one photo of me and an Espresso Martini to report (but not display).

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