When winter days feel like summer

My grandma has always said I’ve got ants in my pants. After checking and confirming I do not actually have any ants in my pants, I assumed she meant that I never sit still. This is very true. I’m a terrible relaxer. Even sleep can be a time to come alive. I spend most nights sleep talking and inventing words such as woobwoob, an inside joke for my friends.


On Tuesday I found myself blessed with a stunning winters day. I was off work, and everyone I knew on this side of the world was busy. But it was a day to embraced. So I decided to put on my summer clothes, pack my camera and head for the hills. As an aspiring millennial, I’d seen an area of the Snap Map that has regular snaps of ammmazzzing views. A place called Godley Heads. A quick google brought up where to go and what it was.

 It’s a place the military set up camp to defend against attacks to Lyttleton Harbour. Now it’s a place where you can pay to receive a military experience. You stop in a tent and have a man shout at you for 12 hours a day. Although not my cup of tea, there were plenty of people about. So it must be somebodies.

I hopped from rock to rock and meandered up and down the paths. I also scared all the new born lambs away with my camera and took in the magnificent views. It was a perfect day and served as a great reminder that spring is on its way. The road up was hair raising to say the least, single track and built quite a long time ago and with not much money. I felt as though I was on a rally stage. It only seemed fair I had a little fun with Suzie the Subaru and pretended I was Colin McRae.

(Note the Southern Alps in the background. I still can’t get over how good these sheep have it.)

I somehow ended up talking to a Chinese guy who was also a solo visitor. I impressed him with my ability to count to 5 in Chinese, say the word beautiful and ask how much something is (duōshǎo qián). He then proceeded to do what I’ve become accustomed to after spending time in China, and that’s to take a picture. Of me. On a military building. Staring out into the South Pacific. It felt like I was back in Beijing. Here I was, in the middle of nowhere and all I could think about was if I’d said the word beautiful in the correct Mandarin tone. There’s never a dull day.

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