Sunset Mountain Climbers

Due to easy access of pastries/biscuits/pasta/bread/cheese at work I’m inflating at what feels like a similar rate to Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. So, rather than be sensible and give up all those things that I can easily live without, I decided I need to just exercise more.


Fortunately, New Zealand has many fun and exciting activities that combine exercise and truly amazing views. So the scene was set. An arduous hike up a hill with some rock climbing thrown in to watch the sunset! Fantastic.

That sounds simple. Right? Of course. We parked the car, hassle free. We started the walk up the incline, a steep one. I felt the burn in my legs. Panting away and getting higher and higher (we’ll come onto that later) I was feeling good and taking in the breath-taking views. Ironically I was also short of breath because I’ve become an unfit monster.

This photo does not do the incline justice. It was so steep. 

We climbed further and headed for the end of the rocks to get an awesome view, although we never quite made it. Partly because it was really difficult and neither of us are expert rock climbers. But mostly because it was the anniversary of the first devastating earthquake to hit Christchurch. I think we’d both scared ourselves into thinking a quake would hit whilst we were on these rocks.

As the sun descended, we chilled and digested the views. The sun went down. It went cold and we headed back down the rocks. We approached the car that was parked, hassle free, ready to go home get warm and have dinner. Except it wasn’t hassle free. The car park had been chained shut and the chains were not budging. Believing there is always a will and a way, I was either going drive under the chains, through the chains or around the chains. After a 20 second assessment, it was to be round the chains, up the grass verge, miss the trees and onto the road. My Subaru didn’t let me down and she performed beautifully.

We were not the only ones to be stuck, however. Two very friendly women were also stuck and weren’t swayed by my attempt at off road driving, so they asked for a ride home. As they were friendly, I gladly obliged. 

So there I was, driving the streets of Christchurch, after tearing up some council lawn to get my car out of a car park and with two very happy, almost too happy, women in the back. I’m 80% sure they’d enjoyed some weed and were sky high. Which I hope is true because it adds depth to the saga. 

Exactly how I was laughing the rest of the night upon reflection of what had just happened. 

Anyway, they fan girled over my accent, how very British I was and were very grateful for the ride. And they were very welcome, if it wasn’t for what happened I most likely wouldn’t have typed this memory up. I’m just waiting now for the police to knock on the door with a bill for a new bit of lawn. Woopsie. 


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