Canapé of Spring

A small taste of spring fell upon us last week. This is becoming less a blog about my time in New Zealand and more a blog about the volatility of the weather. However, the temperature in Christchurch reached a dizzying high of 22 degrees and I went crazy for it.

I’m aware this blog comes only days after I went in the hunt for snow. You understand why I used the word volatile now.

It was important to me to make the most of the welcome spring weather. There’s every possibility my time here will fly by and remain temporary. Plus, I do feel a little deprived of sunshine. So around the hours of work, I headed to the Port Hills for a sunset (again), did a 20km walk to the park to see the botanical gardens and took a long stroll along the beach.

We’ll start with the sunset. This spot has become a real favourite of mine. It’s away from absolutely everyone and everything and you can just sit and watch a day come to an end. It’s a great time for reflection. I’d dare use the word mindfulness to help describe it. You can tell by the scenery that spring has sprung. The greens are greener. The sunset is later.

As the weather continued, I saw an opportunity to visit the botanical gardens, something that Christchurch is apparently famed for. Now, to me, botanical is a word used to describe a tasty Gin. So I didn’t really know what to expect. It was slightly underwhelming. Maybe it was because its early spring and the everything hasn’t bloomed yet. But really it was just a well maintained park. But there was blossom. And people fighting over space infront of trees to get the best picture. Welcome to 2017 kids. 

When I tell people I live near Sherwood forest, they speak excitedly about Robin Hood, his merry men and the Major Oak. I joke about how my names actually Robin, that my dad is growing thousands of oak trees (I kid you not) and I giggle. This tree was like marvelling at The Major Oak. Or maybe the Major Oaks’ great grandson. It’s taller, fitter and healthier, but without the history or the stories to tell.

I got home and realised from the health app on my phone, I’d managed to walk 20km. I’ve never walked that far in one go in my life and my legs told me that for the rest of the day.

Finally, I headed to the beach to end the short spell of warm weather before the rain arrived. This has also become a favourite spot of mine, there’s always so many interesting things on the beach and this time, there was a huge piece of driftwood that had been turned into a pole. So, I just had to.

I’m so pumped for summer. Really, I am. We’ve had the taster, now just for the main event. Ready when you are, Mother Nature.

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